About Kibaruah

Kibaruah showcases your work, skills, talent, services & connects you to paying clients.

Kibaruah offers an environment where people are able to identify their surroundings , offer services like cooking, washing, drive, repair, paint, house help, baby sit, car hire service, mechanic to earn an icnome, they also access facilities like shops, mama mboga kiosk, supermarket, bar, hotels, Churches. Kibaruah also gives an opportunity to know anyone around you and talk to them.

Kibaruah is projected to bring all the services and facilities to your device, to give you a variety to choose from, it provides an opportunity to earn an income by providing this services.

Kibaruah envisions a society where anyone offering service or needs a service, has a facility or needs a facility is given a opportunity to be identified or have a priority to choose from.

We encourage the public, both service, facility providers and seekers to join Kibaruah where everything is brought to your device.

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The outlook towards Kibaruah expansion and growth in reaching more users is the bigger picture, we are glad to celebrate the above stastics,as we appreciate being part of this noble coarse.

Our Terms

Zone:- a user's surrounding.

Base:- an area where a service, user, a facility,an activity operates from.

Vent:- share or express.

Wire:- send a message.

Zonebase:- a surrounding area of service or activity operates from.

In My Zone:- in my surroundings.

My Vents:- my expressions.

Assist in:- a user who is able to offer or seek more than 1 service or facility.

I Can:- being able to offer a service.

I want someone to:- looking for someone to offer you a certain service.

Vents:- user's expressions.

Erase:- get rid off or delete.

Record:- a user's information.

Change:- replace with a new one.

Secretword:- a user's private word or password for access.

Get In:- access or login.

Our Policies

- Upon Joinig Kibaruah you automatically agree to use of features of this platform, our terms and policies, therefore doing so voluntarily, deemed as confirming that you are above or aged 18 years or as per your country of orign consideration of an Adult, therefore you will take full responsibility regarding any activity you engage in on our platform.

- Kibaruah does not or get implicated in any guarantees, responsibilities on abuse of the features of our platform.

- It is in our utmost faith to avail all the services and facilities to our users on voluntary joining, use features of our platform responsibly, guaranteing safety of user's information and therefore we wiil not be liable for user generated content, all data is the platforms property, therefore it holds all the rights and consent

- We dearly hope that you will conform with our policies, incase of any formalities and suggestions please communicate to us through the Suggestion dialog box.

Invest in Kibaruah

- We are currently seeking investors on convertible Notes

- We intend to finance our Marketing Budget, Research and Resources Development.

- We are currently seeking investors on Convertible Note seeking

- For more information contact us on invest@kibaruah.com